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Confessions of a First time Mommy

It was my first mother’s day three years ago and my excitement knew no bounds. Earlier, my happiest day used to be my birthday for which I used to wait eagerly. Then as I started growing older, a few more important dates got added to the list like my wedding anniversary, my baby’s birthday etc but, let me tell you one thing. The happiness of being a mother totally supersedes everything and mother’s day is like a title which you earn after all that hard work.

My baby will complete three years in a few months and the journey till now has been an amazing one. But, the initial days were a bit of a shocker to me as I was like any new mommy unaware and sometimes terrified of what lay ahead of me. Just imagine a new born having the ability to bring down a sane ( at least that is what I feel about myself ) and healthy adult.

So, brace yourselves for all the things that shook me to my wits when I became a new mommy.

  • Babies do not necessarily sleep at night – It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the 13th of December when I gave birth to this squishy little boy. The day passed well with my entire family by my side and my little one posing for the camera and sleeping like an angel. I was thinking to myself ” wow motherhood is not that tough”. Then came the night and he showed me his true colours. There was wailing, incessant and inconsolable crying till the wee hours of dawn and this repeated for the next 3 days. On the 4th day when I got on my feet, I looked at the mirror and told myself “Welcome to motherhood “. Babies take a few weeks or months to get used to a normal human body clock. So, please expect to be up for a good number a of nights 😊
  • Sound sleep is a dream – When you watch a lot of Bollywood movies you tend to be misguided. In movies, the child is shown sleeping peacefully with its mother throughout the night without getting disturbed inspite of all the chaos in the family. I obviously thought of it to be the same here as well. Surprise! Even the slightest of the sounds would leave a wide eyed baby in the middle of the night.
  • Superhuman abilities – Becoming a mom automatically improves your ability to conduct the most minuscule tasks with utmost perfection. Armed with a nail clipper in my hand every single week waiting for one correct moment to clip his ever growing nails was a humongous task in itself. No one warned me about this!
  • Heaps of laundry – Will keep this short. By the end of the third month I could relate myself to a dhobi ( laundry ) guy and could feel their pain too, considering the amount of urine and poop clothes I have washed. There have been days when I have dried clothes at 12am in the night as well.
  • Bath, food and grooming are luxuries now. Gone are those days when I used to look down upon these basic necessities.

All in all raising a child is serious business. Hats off to our previous generations who have successfully raised 5 to 10 children. But, despite all this you know what is the silver lining? That wide mouthed smile that I get every day. I would trade anything (be it food, sleep, grooming etc) to see those twinkly eyes, that super cute smile and the endless chatter. Every day I learn something new about my baby. Truly, motherhood has been the most precious and the most cherished experience of my entire lifetime.

P.S. – None of this is to scare you mommies. I have just revealed the smallest challenges that generally no one tells you about. Take it with a pinch of salt and enjoy this beautiful phase of your life 😊


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