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Guilt free dieting

A lot of times we begin a diet with hundred percent confidence but, somewhere down the line start giving up. Then we are back to square one. The same struggle, that same sinking feeling creeps in every morning while standing on the weighing scale.

The problem isn’t the diet that we follow. The issue is our commitment towards it. Sticking to a diet day in and day out will eventually wear out your determination. Keep that from happening with these tips.

  1. Food Journal – This is the easiest and the most effective way to stick to your diet. Try and note down whatever you have eaten throughout the day and be specific about the quantity you have eaten. It will help you keep a watch on what went on your plate. 😊
  2. Track your successes – Weigh yourself regularly and note it down in your food Journal. There are many apps available to track your weight loss plan. Go ahead and take their help as it becomes easy to collate all the information under one channel.
  3. Skip the take out – Goes a long, long way in keeping you fit. And yes, it doesn’t mean that you need to have boring food all the time (if you are a junkie like me!). The Internet has a plethora of tasty and healthy recipes. Take full advantage of it and treat yourself once in a while. My Saturday and Sunday menus are full of these experimental, home cooked ‘junk’ and take my word your family will enjoy it as much as my family does.
  4. Chuck the fancy diets – This is one of the topmost rules that I follow when it comes to be on a diet. The more fancier your meal plan is, the sooner the likelihood of you going off diet. Keep it simple and stick to your roti sabji dal. A little bit of portion control is to be added and voila! You have a diet which can be followed for a lifetime.
  5. Let your stomach be your guide – Sometimes, even after consulting a good Nutritionist we end up in a fix. The most common issue that I have seen is the quantity of food. Your meal chart mentions two rotis for lunch but, on one particular day, you are hungrier than usual. Fear not, go ahead and have that extra roti. One extra roti once in a while is not going to do any harm to you. It’s a much better option than curbing your hunger and then raiding the fridge later on. Listen to the signals that your stomach gives you and follow them and you will rarely overeat.
  6. Calculate your rewards – Normally, when we achieve something (at least in case of we Indians) we tend to celebrate with food. Try to break free from this pattern. A joint celebration is directly proportional to consuming more food. There are many more ways to celebrate. Go for a movie or a picnic or better yet, gift yourself a fantastic spa day.
  7. Mindful eating during eat outs – How much ever you try to stick to a diet there will always be external distractions to take you off the diet. For example – a family function or an office party or a friends get together. In this case, there is only one thumb rule to avoid over eating. Have a light snack before leaving your house so your tummy is half full and you won’t binge eat. When you to go the restaurant order another light dish like a soup or salad or a grilled chicken, paneer or fish serving. This way you to get a welcome change in your meal without adding on extra calories.
  8. Keep short term goals – Be realistic with your weight loss goals. Begin with a week by week plan instead of a monthly one. You get to keep a track on your weight loss in a better way with this technique.

Always remember that one unhealthy or high-calorie choice doesn’t negate all your previous healthy decisions. Remind yourself how far you’ve come, then move forward.

What motivates you to stay on a diet is personal. Whether it’s the promise of a pedicure, an evening of salsa dancing, or seeing the numbers go in the right direction in your food journal, you should experiment with these ideas to find the ones that work best for you.

Drop a line with your diet hacks in the comments.

Happy eating 😊😊


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