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We did not know This about Parenting!

Parenting is not a bed of roses. The moment your child is born, your life temporarily takes a backseat and the focus shifts to your child. My husband and me were one of those couples who always lived in the moment until, Riaan came along. It was the best day of our lives! That small being, knew how to bring a smile on our face.

Let me tell you something. A child has the capability to bring out such strong emotions and feelings which may have never existed in you (or you may think). I never thought I could love someone so strongly till I held my child in my arms. I know all the parents who are reading this blog have already given me the thumbs up :).


This was all the mushy part of parenting. Now, let us come head on to the facts; something which we were absolutely not prepared for and weren’t warned about as well. Brace yourselves for the top 5 things that almost had me in splits when we became parents.

  • Babies remain up at nights and sleep during the day – Welcome to parenthood. It was my first day at the hospital and I was in awe of that cute, little being. He slept so peacefully and looked like an angel. It was 11 pm and I too, exhausted with the entire labor and delivery process decided to call it a night. Then, came the surprise. My son, starts screaming his lungs out and this continued until the wee hours of dawn wherein he would catch up on a small nap and then the incessant wailing would be back. Exactly at 5 in the morning, he would be back to his super cute, sleeping self. Babies cry for various reasons – it could be colic or they could be uncomfortable with the room temperature or their tummies aren’t full or it just could be that they want to be held.
  • Their world is a playground full of poop – We knew to some extent that babies have a smaller and a developing digestive system but, this was totally uncalled for. There were days when my husband and me have dried close to 50 pairs of clothes and bed clothes. I would be exhausted and he too would be in the same boat but, we still had a huge pile of laundry waiting happily for us.
  • Erratic routines – It is extremely difficult for a twenty nine year old to forget the normal ways of life and adjust to a teeny tiny person’s sleep pattern. Trust me when I say this, babies absolutely do not have a pattern at least for the first few months of their lives. Riaan used to sleep at 7 pm in the evening and used to be up by 5 am when we would have slept at 12 or 1 am. Sleep is surely a thing of the past for new parents.
  • You become a superhuman – I never knew that I could very easily function with just one free hand. Sometimes, I feel that our good old bollywood has surely misguided us when it comes to children. The movies that I have seen only show happy, smiling babies who sleep at night. Even if they have a wailing fit, they are back to normal so soon. For most of the day I had Riaan clinging onto me and I used to complete the house chores.
  • Me and us time converted to baby time – For the first two years, it was only our baby who was the priority. This could have been more taxing for us as we were in a nuclear setup. Husband used to be with him in the morning and evenings and me, for the rest of the twenty four hours 😉.

These were some of the hard hitting truths that noone warned us about. If you are expecting them,  this blog is totally not intended to scare you. It is just to prepare you mentally.

But, you know what was the best part of all this effort? Both of us as a couple became more responsible. We started caring  more for each other as well. We both always look out for each other and it has given a new meaning to our relationship as well. Yes, it is true! Only a child can unfold so many emotions at the same time 😊.


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