Look at Me; I Am Born This Way

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 30 other bloggers are celebrating Women’s Day with a twist. I thank Sweta who blogs at https://cloudandsunshine.com for introducing me. She is a chirpy mommy who writes about parenting and general life tips.

I would also take the opportunity to introduce Gayatri who blogs at https://motherlymess.site . She is a mommy too who has taken to the power of words and is exploring the writer in her.

Its International Women’s Day this month and it is my birthday month too. I have two amazing reasons to celebrate. So, this time I choose to celebrate myself with all my positives and my flaws. Confused? Let me tell you a little bit on what I am talking about.

I have always been a person who speaks unabashedly. At the first look, I do not come across like that at all. Befriend me, and you will be in for a pleasant shock. I was a total introvert during my childhood. I never mixed with too many people and had a very small circle of friends. Yet, the people who were close to me knew that I was a tough nut. I had strong views and opinions and it was very difficult to win a war of words with me. A rebellious child in my teens, I was labeled as the bad girl of the family. I broke the set family norms; every rule that was in the family rule book. Every family always has ‘one’ person who was the Black Sheep. I can proudly say that I was that person :). I am still the same by the way.

I loved my parents a lot. I never let them down and used to stand by them like a rock. But, my habit of speaking out my mind got them into a lot of trouble many a times. The rigid mentality of people you see. My parents, my uncle and my husband (he has been with me for almost two decades now) stood by me and not once, do I remember them asking me to step down. They always said, “Do what you feel is right. Even if you receive a lot of flak from others.” I just followed their advice. I have a strong bunch of friends too who push me up each time I tumble.

And here I am today. Right in front of all of you. The fact that my close circle of people did not suppress my voice gave birth to a writer in me. Today also, I speak my heart out. Some people love it and a huge chunk absolutely hate it. But, that is okay because this is me and I am Born This Way. I love myself five hundred percent. The almighty has sculpted and crafted me like this and he seldom questions me so, why would I bother about anyone else? I am god’s child and he is my creator so, why should I fall? I love my goodness and I love my imperfections too.

Pic Credits – www.slashgear.com

I would like to reiterate a few lines from a very famous song. This singer herself is an epitome of unabashed strength. I totally relate to her. Here it goes:

“Don’t hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you’re set
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way.”

We women often undermine and undervalue ourselves because of the way the society expects us to be. It is high time to break free from these shackles and embrace yourself fully. Come, join me this Women’s Day to Love yourself unapologetically.


‘This post is a part of #UnapologeticGirlz Blogathon hosted by @mylittlemuffin_mom @mommyvoyage and @themomsagas, sponsored by @kaurageousyou.


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  1. That’s a lovely read! You are special and unique in your own way! People who matter to you are gonna love you for who you are no matter what and people who don’t love you for who you are shouldn’t matter to you! Lovely read!

    1. reva1987 says:

      Thank you so much Sweta 🙂

  2. Lovely piece! So glad that you started writing to express yourself. Thank you for joining us on the blog train. Happy to read your views.

  3. we must understand and recognize our own uniqueness before we expect it from others. wonderful read.

  4. Awesome post. Not all have the guts to be the ‘black sheep’. Just stay how you are.

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