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Rangoli Awards – The girl next door with an extraordinary story

It’s been 4 days since the Rangoli Awards and I am still swooning in its hangover. That was the enormity of this award function! The Rangoli Awards is an attempt to felicitate all those superwomen whom we call mothers for their extraordinary talent. The UNIMO (universe of moms) facebook community is the whole and sole of this event and this year they entered their 4th edition of the Rangoli Awards.

This year the theme of the award night was just apt to describe a woman. It was none other than VIBGYOR – the colors of the rainbow. A rainbow is a beautiful blend of colors complementing each other. Similarly, the theme showed the amalgamation of women who came from different cities, with a promise of a talent that was just remarkable.

The gala night took place at Holiday Inn, Mumbai and boy! that venue was shimmering and glimmering with pretty faces that night. The dress code was cocktail gowns for women and tuxedos for men. Every woman present there that night was looking like a diva – simply drop dead gorgeous. The evening commenced with some superb anchoring by the Mike Coordinator Sheila. She cracked up the audience time and again with her witty jokes. Thereon, the award ceremony took place. The event witnessed the presence of some very eminent personalities in their own fields. Finally, it was wrapped up in spunk with a chic and elegant fashion show. The specialty of this fashion show was that all the women who walked the ramp were moms.

I am blessed and honored that I was a part of such a magnificent show and I am grateful to Neha Kare and her fantastic team who planned, organised and executed the Rangoli Awards brilliantly. You guys re instill that confidence which many women tend to lose in themselves after becoming wives and mothers. You guys made all of us mothers come out of our comfort zones (read pyjamas)  and dress up like divas. I fell in love with myself that day and I am sure many more mothers felt the same. Thank you for always encouraging, motivating and reminding us womenfolk to prioritize and appreciate our self too. I am my own Rangoli.

By the way, I too bagged an award under the category “Hustler” which in layman terms means an upcoming talent who has immense potential. Take a sneak peak at the pictures to witness the grandeur that this award night was.

Picture Credits – Various talented photographers who covered the event that night.


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  1. Ritwika says:

    Amazingly drafted… We had
    All the moms doing everything in the event from event management to cake to photography to videography.
    Happy that u loved the event. Make us feel more energised

    1. reva1987 says:

      Thanks alot ritwika.. the event was indeed spectacular.. a very motivating experience for me too and three cheers to the entire team of women who made this happen 😍😍😍

  2. Congrats

    1. reva1987 says:

      Thanks alot 😊

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