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Kangarooing Your Babies

Motherhood is truly a magical experience. It opens up this whole new facet in your life and brings out a completely different version of you (I never knew that I had these qualities existing in me). My life now revolves around my almost 4 year old. Every day has something new in store for us – the laughs, the endless chatter, the uncontrollable mischief (phew!), the innumerable doctor visits; all of this has taught me to take each day at a time with an overdose of patience (so not me). ☺

I was 28 when Riaan came into my world. I stayed with my parents and in laws for the first 3 months and then I moved back to hubby. The initial few months were terrifying. I have meticulously (after a lot of trial and errors ☺) juggled between work and managing a home but, ‘this’ was a totally different level of being frightened. On one hand, you have an infant to care for and on the other, an entire house to manage.

Hubby was totally supportive and used to take over as soon as he got back from work but, for the major share of the day it was just the 2 of us. That was where Kangarooing or Baby wearing came as my saving grace. Totally unaware of this concept, my college friend who lived in the same city came forward to help me by explaining everything about it.

Baby wearing is nothing but carrying your baby close to your body in either a sling or a baby carrier. Voila! I realized that I already know this. I had seen many women carrying their bubs in a carrier. Maybe, the new, fancy name got me confused ☺. I immediately purchased a beautiful carrier and started using it. It took a few days for both of us to get used to it because Riaan absolutely does not like to be confined or restricted.

He loves his space; right from when he was a newborn. So, just imagine the amount of struggle I had to undergo to get him used to be worn. We finally succeeded though and since then he loves being carried. Even now, there are days when he asks me to wear him. He very sweetly comes up to me and says “Mumma, I want to sit in the bag” and there is no way in the world that I can refuse those innocent eyes.

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Now, if you are wondering as to why I am being an ambassador of baby wearing, then let me tell you that it has a truckload of benefits for both the mother and the child. I have listed a few which I can hundred percent vouch for.

  • Promotes an additional bonding with your child especially during those sick and clingy days. Helps in keeping you sane as well ☺
  • Babies feel more comfortable as they are close to you hence, they feel more secure too.
  • Helps you finish your day to day tasks like a breeze. I have worn Riaan and easily cooked up a decent meal for the 3 of us.
  • It tremendously benefits premature babies too. It is an established study that premature babies get healthy with constant touch of their parents.
  • Lastly, your baby will tend to be happier as you are with them (rather stuck to them) which they love.

Baby wearing has hands down proved to be a blessing for me as it helped me pull through some very difficult days which I otherwise would have never been able to deal with.

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  1. very useful concept and initially doc also suggest to keep your baby close,nice post

  2. Good stuff but because I’m short, I would find it difficult to carry my baby in front for a long time. Hubby enjoyed doing it though.

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