Charity Begins at Home

I attended a lovely event at ITC Grand Central for the brand Ariel in association with Babychakra. The event was just awesome and the icing on the cake (atleast for me 😉) was to meet Rajkumar Rao), the super talented actor. The agenda of this event was to make all the family members (especially men) sharing the responsibility in the household chores, not just women. Rajkumar very candidly put up his views on the same. He explained how his better half has always been the driving force in his life and how he understands the importance of equality in the household chores as well. He also shared a few nitbits on how he shares the load of responsibilities at home. As it is rightly said, if we expect our husbands to help us then, we need to begin from our sons. Charity begins at home. Our sons should be taught to help and share the load.

All in all a very insightful event and we took back some beautiful memories and a good learning as well 😎.